Continuing to Innovate, Mandiri AXA General Insurance Launched Digital-Based Claim Service

Memperingati Hari Pelanggan Nasional, MAGI memberikan paket bingkisan "new normal kit" kepada perwakilan mitra agen dan pelanggan terbaiknya sebagai dukungan dalam menjalankan aktivitas di masa kenormalan baru selama pandemi Covid-19

Jakarta (30/6): In line with MAGI’s ambition to become ‘the most innovative and easy-to-do-business with general insurance company in Indonesia’, PT Mandiri AXA General Insurance (MAGI) always puts forward innovation to better serve Indonesian people, both on the product lines and its services.

Closing the second quarter of 2021, MAGI presents digital-based claim services to allow faster and easier claim submission by customers. The innovation being introduced by MAGI today is digital claim service for health insurance, travel and car insurance through electronic platforms and mobile applications.

“We are committed to put customer satisfaction as our top priority. In this new normal era everything is moving towards digitization. Therefore, MAGI continues to innovate in providing easier access to our services for customers, especially in submitting claims via digital channels,” explained Enny, President Director of PT Mandiri AXA General Insurance.

This innovation was motivated by current conditions whereby majority of people prefer accessing information via gadget and internet, which motivates MAGI to continuously updating its system, as well as, streamlining its internal processes to be more adaptive to the current new normal condition.

For health insurance, a claim for a maximum of one million rupiah can be submitted via Whatsapp application to MAGI health insurance’s hotline number. Through this number, the claim submission process can be carried out by sending softcopies of claim documents such as hospital invoices, medical records, policy data and other required documents.

On the travel insurance side, it is also easier for customers to submit claims worth maximum of nine million rupiah via MAGI Business Account Whatsapp number 0811 1500 733. Customers will find it easy to upload claim documents using smartphone or computer devices. In addition, MAGI recommends customers to keep the original claim documents (hardcopy).

Not only for health and travel insurance, claim submission for another MAGI flagship product, namely car insurance, has never been as easy. MAGI introduced a breakthrough for digital claims surveys using video calls, so customers can stay safe and comfortable at home. This video call service is integrated to the application used by MAGI and its partner workshops. Through this application, customers and workshops partner will be guided by the MAGI claim team to show vehicle’s damage to be claimed.

“We provide this service to simplify our business processes, particularly in claim experience, as one of the foundations of MAGI’s digital transformation in the future,” said Enny.

Julien Steimer, President Commissioner of MAGI and Country CEO of AXA in Indonesia added, “The digital transformation carried out by MAGI is in line with AXA Group’s digitalization program under payer to partner vision, where AXA is committed to walk together as a partner for each of its customers in every condition.”

In the era of new normal, the role of insurance protection for health, assets for personal and business in Indonesia is becoming increasingly significant. MAGI committed to continuing to provide the best general and health insurance protection solutions with easy access and convenience for all customers and the people of Indonesia. (***)