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Tatjana Saphira
Tatjana Saphira (

ACTRICT Tatjana Saphira is a fan of anything vintage. Therefore, as soon as there was an offer to play Sweet 20, Tatjana immediately accepted it. Understandably, in the film, Tatjana plays Mieke, a grandmother who returns to her youth and likes vintage style.

Polkadot motif dresses, wide A-line skirts, old-style blouses, and bun hairstyles are the mainstay. According to Tatjana, vintage-style clothing and makeup produces a more elegant and feminine appearance. “I was very happy when I knew that her acting had to wear the old style clothes,” said Tatjana.

While shooting at Jalan Braga, Bandung, Tatjana also really enjoyed the process because the shooting set was surrounded by old Dutch architecture buildings.

Apart from fashion style, Tatjana likes old songs. When he had to perform a number of oldies songs in the film Sweet 20, Tatjana already had a broad insight into past music.

“So, I really enjoyed the shooting process,” said the 20-year-old woman . (len / c14 / agm)

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